Bridge to Nowhere, Balhaven Bay

It’s not everyday you get one of your images featured on the homepage of the second biggest search engine, Microsoft’s but today I was delighted to see my image of Bridge to Nowhere make an appearance.
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Dundee Tay Sunset

As you may have noticed, the site has gone a refresh very recently with the biggest change the ability to purchase prints directly from the site without being sent to another site.
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Passing Train, Dundee Rail Bridge

Sometimes the weather just seems to get worse and especially in March when we are expecting even a little sunshine and we have to bear with freezing temperatures, snow and gale force winds!
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Looking towards Perth - Aerial View

I finally managed to get some time to select some random followers to win prizes in my Facebook page giveaway – better late than never I suppose! I am announcing the winners on my blog as I was informed you are not allowed to name winners on your page so here we go…
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Dundee Blue

A competition that I have been entering for the last few years is the Dundee Photographer of the Year competition, also known as the Annual Photographic Competition (this year being the 47th), which is sponsored by Dundee City Council.
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Snow covered trees, Piperdam

A little bit of Snow

February 10, 2013

Dundee rarely gets any snow and is usually reserved for the surrounding areas with the distant hills perfectly white. Recently though, we certainly had our fair share and it certainly didn’t need to travel far to get some great winter/snow scenes. Continue Reading →

Aerial view over St Andrews

St Andrews from Above

January 13, 2013

St Andrews, located on the east coast of Fife in Scotland, is one of those small towns where there always seems to be something going on and not just golf related. Only 20 minutes from Dundee, it is a location I visit often as there are so many photogenic spots and also whilst I slowly capture all the footage for my timelapse of the town, which has been an on-going project of mine. Continue Reading →

Another Great Year

December 21, 2012

Well Christmas is just a few days away and 2013 is just around the corner, the years just keeping going by quicker, although that may have something to do with our 1 year old keeping us busy!
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